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Frequently Asked Questions

What´s the delivery time?

We send many packages to UK on a daily base and most of these reach the customer the day after order. But sometimes it can take as much as 4 days depending on location.

What is the maximum size of the different products?

Plastic signs: 1200x975 mm
Aluminium signs: 2000x1000 mm
Tray signs in aluminium. skylt: 2000x1000 mm
Decals: 5000x1500 mm
Banner: 5000x1500 mm
Roll-up: Set sizes, 1. 850x2000 mm, 2. 1000x2000 mm
Namebadge: Military clip: 80x25 mm, Others: 80x50 mm
Poster: 1000x1000 mm

What are the thicknesses and materials of the different products?

Plastic signs: 1 mm
Aluminium signs: 1,5 mm
Tray signs in aluminium: 1,5 mm (edge is 25 mm)
Decals: Decal + UV laminate 0,3 mm
Banner: 450 g/m² (polyester fabric, fire class B1, meets REACH requirements)
Roll-up: 370/m² (matte polyester material)
Namebadge: 1 mm
Poster: 150/m² (coated paper for indoor and outdoor use)

What is the prices for the signs?

In our design tool you can see the prices very clearly. Just choose your desired product + size and you will see the price in the right hand corner.

How do I order?

You design your signs in our online tool. Add text, images and customize until your happy with the design.

If there is something you experiencing as a problem don´t hesitate to contact us.

Can you help me make an order?

If you experiencing difficulties or other problems you can always contact us and we will guide you through the entire process.

Can I add a logo or a image?

Yes, just upload it and use it in your design.

Can I order more than one sign at a time?

Absolutly, our system is excellent in handling multiply orders.

What is shipping and handling costs??

Shipping and handling always costs £3,75 (including 25% swedish VAT) for letter and £11,25 (including 25% swedish VAT) for packages.

How do I pay my order?

The payment is done by card, we accept all major card types.

How do I change my contact information?

You can make changes under "My page" when you are logged in.

If I want to do a repeatorder on a sign, how do I do?

Then log in and go to the design tool, click on "Open cart" where you can find earlier orders and previously saved carts.

Can I return the sign if I am not satisfied?

Contact us if there is something that you are not satisfied with. However, be careful with your settings, such as size and color selection, as this is not a reason for complaint.

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